We train a new generation of quantitative environmental data scientists equipped to make substantial contributions in environmental and data sciences as well as being prepared for a wide range of career paths. 

Our programme is intrinsically interdisciplinary: each student project will be advised by both an environmental science supervisor and an AI supervisor, plus a non-academic partner advisor. 

The teaching model for all courses will be tailored towards training graduate students to become independent researchers. After introductory lectures, students will be introduced to the corresponding AI tools, frameworks and environmental datasets to apply the taught material in tutorial-based project work. Students will work in interdisciplinary groups tackling grand challenges in environmental science of increasing complexity with AI, supported by peer learning. The programme will be individually tailored to the needs of each student. 

Key components of the teaching programme:

  • Induction week 
  • Core courses in foundations of AI/ML for environmental students and foundations of the four environmental themes for data science students.
  • Responsible AI training will form an intrinsic part of all training courses of the programme.
  • Computational skills training.
  • Advanced cross-cohort courses will focus on specific areas of AI applied to grand challenges and associated datasets from the four environmental themes.
  • Professional skills training
  • Research project: in the second half of year 1, students will undertake a 3-month research project supervised by one of the potential PhD supervisors. 
  • Teaching skills training: advanced CDT students will be given the opportunity to contribute to the teaching programme, supported by Oxford’s Developing Learning and Teaching Programme. 
  • Weekly Intelligent Earth seminars featuring leading national and international speakers will bring together the entire Oxford AI for the Environment community. 
  • Annual hackathons will be organised jointly with the Frontier Development Lab (FDL) and partners.
  • Annual two-day CDT conference will provide opportunities to showcase, network and collaborate.